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Suction Units in Coherence of International Standards

A hospital needs various specialized equipment to deal with situations and conditions that helps to reduce the suffering of the patient comfortably. Technological innovations in medical science are adding up almost on a daily basis. One such innovation has been the various specialized suction units that may be used to clear the airway of blood, saliva, vomit, or other secretions so that a patient may breathe without any obstruction.

Manual Vacuum Extractor
Manual Vacuum Extractor

A suction machine is a portable medical apparatus used in wards or theatre’s which helps in aspirating fluids and vomit from the mouth and airways. Through a catheter the waste liquid is collected in a bottle. It is usually an electric unit which contains a vacuum pump, bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, and trap for moisture, a reservoir for aspirated material, and a suction catheter or nozzle. The pressure of the suction may be adjusted according to the need. It can be of high vacuum or low vacuum, or high flow or low flow rates.

There are various types of suction units for different medicinal purposes, the basic aim being to help in suction of the unwanted fluid from the body as the situation demands. Every part of the human body is uniquely designed and hence different suction units are needed for different parts of the body. It principally works just like your vacuum cleaner sucking away the unwanted waste.
Manual Suction Unit
Suction can prevent pulmonary aspiration which can lead to lung infections. In pulmonary toilet, suction is used to remove fluids from the airways. It helps in facilitating breathing and to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Suction machines are also used during surgeries to remove blood from the area being operated on to allow surgeons to view and work on the area. Even after a brain surgery or intracranial haemorrhage suction may be used to remove blood that has been built up within the skull.

Suction devices may be mechanical hand pumps or battery or electrically operated mechanisms.

Different types of Suction Units

GPC Medical Limited offers the most advanced suction units based on their 80 years of experience in medical field and their constant technical innovations which comply with demand of relevant international standards.
Electric Suction Unit 

Electrically Operated Suction Units

Electrically powered suction units of GPC Medical Limited stand out for quality and for precise performance of the various aspiratory interventions. The basic element of the device is an electrical membrane pump which creates a vacuum. It is highly efficient, has a long life, makes minimum sound and requires minimal service or maintenance.

Gas Powered Suction Units

In a gas powered suction unit compressed air powered suction units generate the vacuums with the compressed gas, usually air. For converting the compressed into the vacuum, an ejector is used. The ejector is then connected to the central system of compressed gas directly or with a connector on a flexible tube, whereas compressed gas from a cylinder can also be used.
Battery Operated Suction Unit

Battery Operated Suction units

It works on the same formulae like the electrically operated but with a battery which is portable and can be taken to areas with electricity constraints.  They have a universal VAC and AC DC battery operated suction.

The other suction units available with GPC Medical Limited are Foot operated suction units, Manual Vacuum Extractor and Suction unit accessories. 

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