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Precise and perfect surgical instruments for priceless lives.

Times have changed and as human species we have begun to live longer and begun to be conscious of our health. Life spans have increased and so have the medical complications. A longer life means there is degeneration of the human cells with ageing and hence the need for replacement arises. There is a constant efficacy to experiment for betterment of health and therefore there is also a rise in the surgeries on the human body.

The word surgery no more sounds unheard of and a lot of people go under the knife during their life span. This has increased the demand in surgical instruments by manifold.

What are surgical instruments?

All kinds of instruments, tools or devices that are required during a surgery fall into the surgical instruments category.

The process of surgery involves cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, or suturing using different types of surgical instruments. These instruments include scissors, forceps, needle holder, retractors, scalpel, towel clamps, and suction devices to name a few more important ones. These instruments are of highly sophisticated quality with the capability of dealing with minimal intrusive surgery.

What kind of material is desired to be used for these instruments?

We at GPC Medical Limited use materials that are in convergence with our expertise using primarily stainless steel to manufacture these surgical instruments. We also use other metals like titanium, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, are also used. We ensure that each instrument that is being made by us is of a highly sophisticated material and has the perfect sharpness required for a surgery. A high level of stringency is maintained while making these materials as they can be responsible for the life or death of a person.

There are strict institutional and professional protocols for the preparation of surgical instruments. Before using these instruments for an operation they must be sterilized and kept hygienically.

They must be promptly rinsed and well cleaned after a procedure.

Details of Surgical Instruments

Scissors: It is one of the most used instruments when performing a surgery. It can be of different types such as a scissors having blunt or sharp blades, straight or curved blades. Mayo scissors are used for cutting heavy fascia while Metzenbaum scissors are used to cut delicate tissues.

Forceps: They are made of two tines held together at one end with a spring device that holds the tines open. They can be used for tissue forceps or for dressing forceps. There are also Hemostats and Haemostatic Forceps and Intestinal Forceps

Scalpel: Scalpel is a sharp dissector. It has two parts-handles and blades. According to their size these handle and blades have different numbers.        

Needle Holder: They are locking instrument used to hold the needle while suturing tissue.

Retractors: They assist in the visualization of the operative field while preventing trauma to other tissues.

Suction Devices: They help in removing blood and other fluids from a surgical or dental operative field.

In a nutshell, we can say they are not just only surgical instruments but actually life saving devices that can be instrumental in saving a life. At GPC Medical Limited these instruments are tested and tried with diligence and safety measures that are unparalleled to any other products available in the market.

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