Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Visit GPC Medical at Arab Health 2017, Dubai, UAE


GPC Medical Limited cordially invites you to meet with us at Arab Health 2017 in Dubai, UAE


Sheikh Saeed Hall No. 1, Booth No. B01,
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE


30 January - 2 February, 2017


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We shall highly appreciate your visit to our Stand No.: S1B01, giving us an opportunity to believe in our products and become part of our burgeoning clients globally.


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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Your Guide To The Wheels you Need

The need for a wheelchair arises either due to growing age or to prevent temporary disability or to assist a permanent disability factor. If this is your first time you are looking for a new wheelchair or if planning to upgrade the current version of your wheelchair, the process of finding an appropriate one will be a bit overwhelming to know where to start your search. Considering the fact that there is a wide range of wheelchairs, because different users have different preferences and there is a wide range of disabilities, each wheel chair comes with their own pros and cons.


Here is the quick guide to make your buying decision easier:

The Basic Wheels 

These wheelchairs are the most basic version, which can be used by the user himself or an attendant my assist him. People with good muscular strength find this wheelchair as the best solution. It can be termed as most durable wheelchair that includes leg and foot rests. It sometimes comes with a version that offers elevating leg rests and either desk-length or fill-length arms. They are portable and easily foldable, ideal for those who travel often. The seat width ranges from 16 – 20 inches.

Wheels that don’t Feel

Lightweight wheelchairs are much less demanding to move than the more heavyweight basic traditional wheelchairs you might have come across. These seats are foldable and made with a material that is lighter, which allows you to effortlessly perform routine chores.

The Every Day Wheels

Made with steel frame these standard wheelchairs are durable and strong, offers different features such as permanent arms or removable arms, elevating leg rests, detachable footrests, variable seat widths, full or desk length arms.

Wheels that Recline

Recliner Wheelchairs are made to assist in severe hip extension contractures, pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown and orthostatic hypotension. These seats are best utilized alongside raising leg rests, which will permit the client to reposition their legs and feet too.

Wheels that Help

Designed specifically for an attendant or a companion to push, this version is actually meant others to help one rather than the user himself. Small-sized wheels make it impossible for the user to use it independently; it can only be used with the support of a companion. They are light-weight and compact in size.  Ideal for those who don’t use wheelchair often but need assistance during strenuous activities.

The Modern Wheels

Motorized or electric wheelchairs are quite often loaded with electronic control frameworks to help in controlling and speed. People with weak health conditions, critical breathing and heart conditions, and in permanent state of disability or any state that makes it impossible for them move a manual wheelchair are greatly benefitted with electric wheel chairs. In other words, these wheelchairs are suitable for any individual lacks the ability or strength to cope with a manual chair. There are power wheelchairs made particularly for indoor and open air utilized and some intended to be utilized for both.

There is a wide range of wheelchairs catering to different need of users. To determine a perfect fit to cater your need a thorough research prior is necessary. Get opinion from your doctors, wheelchair users in your circle to assure yourself that whichever version you will opt for, shall meet your needs. If you are fully dependent on a wheelchair, it is essential to find the right option.