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Breathing Lives with Anesthesia Products

When we talk about the word anesthesia, it means a temporary state of mind that lacks awareness and becomes unconscious with temporary loss of memory, lack of pain, and muscle relaxation. Anesthesia is usually given to patients who have to undergo surgery, so that the person does not experience the trauma of being under the knife and is able to do away with the pain during the surgery. Anesthesia can be given for very minor operations and also major organ surgeries. In today’s times we cannot imagine a surgery without using anaesthesia.      

History of Anesthesia

When the medicinal wonder of anaesthesia was not known the injured person underwent extremes trauma when a surgery had to be performed on him or her. The doctors’ skills lied in how fast he or she could perform the surgery and the mortality rates were very high. Soon, a lot of alternatives began to be experimented to numb the patient while operating on him or her.
In 1846 a Boston dentist named William T.G. Morton of the Massachusetts General hospital publicly demonstrated the magic of general anaesthesia. He gave an ether anaesthetic for the removal of a neck tumor by surgeon John Collins Warren. About ten years later cocaine was introduced as the first viable local anaesthetic. It was only in 1930’s that Dr. Harvey Cushing began using local anesthesia.

Anesthesia Products & Equipment

Is Anaesthesia risky?

There are both major and minor risks of anesthesia although with high level of sophistication and stringent medical experiments we hear of a very few cases of anaesthesia that have failed.
The major risks include death, heart attack and pulmonary embolism. The minor risks can include postoperative nausea and vomiting and readmission to the hospital.
The most important factor in an anesthesia being successful is the general health condition of the patient. A healthy patient with basic parameters of general health working fine responds to anesthesia in a more positive way.
The combination of safe and efficacious drugs, highly trained and dedicated personnel, and good monitoring equipment and drug delivery devices has made general anesthesia a very safe preposition with almost 99% successful cases.    

What are Anaesthesia Products?

GPC Medical Limited a well reputed, certified, India based medical company supplies the following anaesthesia products that are required in a hospital during a surgery.
  • Airways
  • Anaesthesia Machine
  • Artificial Resuscitation
  • Bains Circuit
  • Clause Harness Belts
  • Connectors and Valves
  • Corrugated Breathing tubes
  • Endotracheal Tubes
  • Face Masks-Black Rubber
  • Face Masks-Silicon
  • Jackson Rees Paediatric Circuit
  • Laryngoscopes
  • Magill Forceps
  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment
  • Oxygen Reservoir Attachment
  • Rebreathing Bags
  • Vaporizers
All these products manufactured by GPC Medical Limited are tested for their and quality and hygiene.  

Artificial Resuscitators

It is a hand held device shaped like a bag very commonly used to provide positive pressure ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or is breathing inadequately. They are to be used by a trained professional. Most devices also have a face mask and an oxygen reservoir bag along with the artificial resuscitators.  They come in different sizes for infants, children, and adults.

Anaesthesia Oxygen Masks

These are masks that are used to provide general anaesthesia inhalation gas to operative patients.

Rebreathing Bags   

The usual function that the rebreathing bag plays is that of a reservoir for the expired gases in a rebreathing circuit.

Corrugated Tubes  

Corrugated tubes are used for connecting components of anaesthesia breathing circuits.

Guedel Pattern Airway

When a patient is not in his or her senses the muscles in their jaws relax and this may further allow the tongue to obstruct the airway. The role of the Guedel Pattern Airway is to maintain the airway open during the surgery by taking care of the airway and preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis.
Anesthesia Machine

Anaesthesia Machine

An anaesthesia machine is a trolley on which gas cylinders, pipelines for various gases used in anaesthesia are mounted together along with various valves, controls and ancillary equipment. An anaesthesia machine is an omnipresent device found in all operating theatres, X-Ray department rooms, accident and emergency unit, dental clinics, and even the community clinics.
In all we can say that anaesthesia is the first and a very crucial step that is taken for any surgical procedure. It has to be done by very professional personnels and no margin of error can be allowed in the anaesthesia process.
At GPC Medical Limited all the products that are provided bear a stamp of excellence and trust.

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