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Laboratory Equipment - Essential Requirements for All Laboratories

What is Laboratory Equipment?

A laboratory is essentially a place where most of the scientific experiments are done under controlled conditions in which various experiments and measurements are done with different combinations of specific fields with varying subjects from medicine to chemical and physics laboratory. Although, different specialization of laboratories need specific equipment according to its area of specialization but there are certain basic equipment which are common to all types of laboratories.  Apart from the furniture in a laboratory which primarily consists of work benches, countertops, cabinets, and laboratory notebook there is also various specific equipment which is part of every laboratory.  

What Equipment is Essential for All Laboratories?

Laboratory Incubator
Laboratory Incubator
Laboratory equipment refers to various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory. This equipment has a place in every laboratory for experiments or to take measurements or even to gather data. Here, we are not referring to the more sophisticated or larger equipment which are called scientific instrument.
The working tools in a laboratory include Bunsen Burners, microscopes, spectrophotometers, and calorimeters.

Very important laboratory equipment is the laboratory glassware such as the beaker or reagent bottle, or even a thermometer. 

Description of the Essential Equipment:

High Temperature Furnace
High Temperature Furnace
Compound Microscope

A compound microscope is an essential requirement in any laboratory as it uses two lenses to make things look larger.
Magnifying Glass or Hand lens or Simple Microscope

Unlike the compound microscope, the magnifying glass or hand lens uses one lens to make things look larger. It can be easily carried around in the laboratory and is used for simple observations of a sample.
Hot Plate

A laboratory needs all kinds of equipment for various combinations and a hot plate is an electric device used for heating things.
Petri Dish

A Petri dish is required to hold various specimens and also needed to observation of these specimens and to grow culture.
Cover Slip

A cover slip is needed to cover specimens on a microscope slide.
Glass Slide

A glass slide is needed to keep the specimens for observing under the microscopes.
Graduated Cylinders (Glass or Plastic)

A graduated cylinder is a very accurate tool used to measure liquid in volume. It is graduated in ml. This is used for measuring liquids in perfect accuracy.

Digital Centrifuge Machine
Digital Centrifuge Machine
Beaker (Glass or Plastic)

If the beaker is plastic it is primarily used for measuring liquid volume in ml which can be of rough estimate.
The glass beakers are used to stir and heat the liquids of various quantities. These come in various sizes and shapes according to the need of the liquid to be measured. They are transparent to give a clear view and colour of the liquid that is being put in them.

Beaker Tongs
Tongs are used for holding the hot beakers. Once the beaker has been heated it cannot be held with bare hands and therefore these tongs are required to hold it safely and without tampering the content of the liquid.  

Florence Flask and Erlenmeyer Flask
This is transparent high quality glassware used to heat and store substances. A Florence flask has an elongated neck with a large round bottom for storage of liquids. An Erlenmeyer flask is also used for storing and heating liquid but has a different shape. It also has a round bottom but gradually narrows in shape towards the top.

Different types of liquids with different chemical properties need different shapes of flask for storage and heating.
Rubber Stoppers

A laboratory needs rubber stoppers to plug a test tube or a flask for safety and storage of the properties of liquids in its original form.
Test Tube and Test Tube Rack

A laboratory cannot work without a test tube which is used to mix heat or store substances. A test tube rack is required to hold these test tubes.  
Test Tube Holder and Test Tube Brush

A test tube holder is required to hold a hot test tube and a test tube brush is needed to clean the test tubes.

A funnel is made of glass which is V-Shaped on the top with a thin ending. It helps in pouring liquids into small openings without spilling them. 
Triple Beam Balance

A triple beam balance is required to measure mass in grams. It gives accurate mass.

A thermometer is used to measure temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Safety Goggles

A safety goggle is worn to protect your eyes. They are worn while doing certain experiments that need to protect your eye.

Points to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Laboratory Equipment:

  • Laboratory equipment undoubtedly has to be of very high quality.
  • The raw material like the glass or the plastic used for manufacturing the equipment should be of superior quality.
  • A laboratory works on giving accurate results and it is with the help of these equipment that it can produce results that are very accurate.
  • Laboratory equipment should meet the specific requirement of the purpose it is used for hence the shape and size of the equipment that is being purchased should be very precise.
  • The company from whom the equipment is being purchased should be government certified and has the required experience to make these equipment.
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