Sunday, 11 January 2015

Safer IV Cannula

An IV cannula is seen as the first necessity when a person is put on external help for medication. The insertion of the needle into the vein for the setting of the cannula and the catheter for providing nutrients, medication, and for taking blood sample from the patient’s body is seen as a painful task. However, with the invention of the safer IV cannula this procedure has made it a much safer and painless job. 

How is the Safety IV Cannula different from the IV Cannula?

  • The Safety IV Cannula aims at providing maximum safety to the user while giving minimum pain at the time of insertion.

  • The improved stainless steel needle which is better beveled and siliconised for painless penetration into the vein and a smoother touch to the skin.

  • The improved design of the needle hub gives a better stability with a much stronger grip to control the cannulation and also a better thumb radius for a proper grip when inserting the cannula.

  • The needle with an improved tip can be better handled during insertion and makes the process much easier and resistance free.

  • The catheter which has been further thinly walled to allow maximum flow rate which helps in giving faster results.

  • A vented hub for higher flow rate and quick easy confirmation of correct vascular access. This prevents the formation of air bubbles and also is better protected to avoid blood spillage.

  • The inclusion of a threaded stopper in this new improved cannula helps for secure closure of the medication.

  • In the previous cannula there were chances of the para medical staff being hurt during the pulling back and also of reusing the needle but in the safety IV Cannula with its improved design both these possibilities are completely eliminated.  
GPC Medical Limited has been one of the first Indian medical companies to manufacture and supply the improvised Safety IV Cannula.

Safety IV Cannulae

Watch Video: Safety IV Cannula (Model No. GPC-FLON)

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