Thursday, 28 October 2021

GPC Medical invites you to MEDICA 2021

GPC Medical Ltd, India is pleased to invite you to our stand at the upcoming MEDICA 2021 trade fair where we will showcase our range of orthopedic implants & medical consumables.
This trade fair is our first live event after the pandemic and we are very excited to welcome you all to join us.

Hall No.: 10, Stand No.: C59

Date: 15 November - 18 November 2021

Venue: Convention Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany

We believe that your endowment to this event will be very beneficial and in this regard, we would like to invite you to come visit our stand at MEDICA 2021. 

To book your appointment, you can CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing you there at the event.


Thursday, 3 December 2020

GAITS - GPC Medical's New Education Platform for Orthopaedic Surgeons

GPC Medical, being a pioneer in the production of medical devices and one of the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic implants, the company has announced a new initiative GAITS to provide an educational platform and informational resources for orthopaedic surgeons and aspirants. An interdisciplinary branch of GPC Medical, GAITS is designed as an advanced platform for developing theoretical and practical training opportunities with an effective teaching and learning process from a network of professionally trained personnel.

With more than 20 years of expertise, the company has been the no. 1 choice for orthopaedic implants and instruments, satisfying clients and building affordable healthcare systems worldwide. The company strives continuously to snap up new technologies and innovations to uplift the quality of people's healthcare. Similarly, as a new initiative to inspire orthopaedic surgeons and aspirants, GPC Medical is moving towards creating a growing community for teachers, professional surgeons and aspirants with GAITS.

The company also has established a range of core brands - intraHEAL, fixLOCK, exHEAL, hipHEAL, spineHEAL, orthoPWR to provide a wide range of medical implants and prosthetics designed to address the specific needs of the patients.

How is GAITS changing the educational landscape?

GAITS is equipped to provide a comprehensive learning experience with Virtual Workshops, Wetlab Workshops, Webinars and Case Studies so that the students get a over-all training experience that will enhance their surgical skills and case outcomes. Due to the impending pandemic, Virtual Workshops are an excellent way to present a synchronous and interactive session with presenters from all over the world. GAITS has recently launched a virtual workshop on Tibia Nail & Femur Nail with KOA which proved to be a great learning experience for aspirants who joined the live workshop. GPC Medical's wet lab hands-on training from renowned faculties will give orthopaedic surgeons a unique opportunity to revolutionize their surgical skills. Real time hands on experience of innovative surgical techniques with novel implants is one of the best ways to enhance your surgical skills. GAITS is also looking to host a collection of webinars on the latest orthopaedic topics that meet your learning and practice needs. The GAITS initiative will also host a range or case studies like joint replacement surgeries and other operative surgeries that will help orthopaedic surgeons and aspirants to get the necessary tips and techniques, tol effectively enhance their surgical techniques. GAITS's case investigations and studies are intended to assist you with getting the best careful experience that will upgrade your abilities as a specialist. From joint replacement surgery case to a wide scope of other case studies and materials, GAITS has it all.  All these resources are designed to give comprehensive information that will help orthopaedic surgeons achieve the best outcome during complex surgeries.

GAITS takes leverage of GPC Medical's network of orthopaedic specialists to create a network which can provide the most recent clinical methods and surgical procedures that aim to improve, manage, or treat disorders, diseases, injuries, or congenital conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Our seminars on surgical methods are assessed by leading medical care experts and specialists to give you the best learning experience.


GAITS provides professional courses targeted for orthopaedic surgeons and health professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge with the goal of improved clinical outcomes.

  • Formal programme of lecture using innovative educational methods
  • Tutorials on operating theatre exposure and multimedia demonstrations on various topics
  • Training sessions from highly skilled professionals
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Latest surgical techniques
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Product specific surgical technique
  • Interactive Virtual Workshop
  • Virtual platform
  • Global education
  • All about orthopedics
  • Case studies discussion
  • Tips and tricks for complex surgeries

How innovation and continuous development has led GPC to launch GAITS?

GPC Medical's remarkable drive to innovate and grow as a company has led it to become one of the most leading orthopaedic implants manufacturers in the country. The same drive has led it to launch GAITS so as to create a stage for professionals and aspirants to learn from each other. Just like their implants enrich and uplift the lives of individuals, GAITS is also designed to empower and enable orthopaedic aspirants.