Friday, 28 September 2018

GPC Medical Rehabilitation Products are all about bringing that smile back!

Rehabilitation Products and Orthopedic Aids

GPC Medical Limited is successfully designing rehabilitation products and orthopedic aids for patients in musculoskeletal and orthopedic rehabilitation. The high-quality product designs are approved from technology labs to cater the needs of human physiology. The products are manufactured to be a perfect fit for people of all shapes and sizes. GPC medical Limited designs for rehabilitation products are known for speeding up the recovery and making it more comfortable. It also eliminates all chances of injuries and musculoskeletal shocks, which are absorbed by the cushioning features of our orthopedic softgoods and products. It has been helpful in improving the posture and overall body physique apart from its effectiveness in treating the orthopedic conditions. 

Effective Rehabilitation Treatment


GPC Medical remains to be a reliable and trustable manufacturer of rehabilitation product and lives up to its name for maintaining the quality of their product. GPC Medical Limited always remains to be the first one to adopt newer technological changes to provide you with the best orthopedic support products that exist out there. Historically, GPC Medical Limited has lived up to its name in the field of rehabilitation products and aids all around the world. Our products are superior in quality, comfortable fit, with an elasticity that snugly fits to help the injured area recover faster. We manufacture almost every variety of rehabilitation aids products that are available in the market. From all kinds of finger splints, back braces, orthopedic braces, ankle supports, wheelchairs, pelvic traction kits to walking aids are available at the best price at GPC Medical. Among all the other competitor companies claiming to be the best, GPC Medical stands out to give you FDA Approved products that can be trusted and are appreciated all over the world!

Orthopedic Rehabilitation with GPC Medical


Losing freedom of movement due to an orthopedic injury, illness or surgery can be challenging.  GPC Medical Products will always be by your side, providing expert care and support as you rebuild the strength to return to your home, your community and the life you love.

GPC Medical Orthopedic Rehabilitation Products and aids (also known as Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation products) have an extended variety in its catalog to cater each and every type of orthopedic rehabilitation complication. These products can be used in several ways, including physical and occupational therapies, minimally-invasive pain procedures, sports injury rehabilitation, and specialized pediatric services.  Our products are being used by the world’s foremost rehabilitative physicians, nurses, therapists, and other clinicians to offer adults and children superior rehabilitation care.

GPC Medical Limited takes an approach that goes beyond addressing pain.  They are designed to effectively complement therapies to facilitate your return to an active lifestyle, including competitive athletics, work, hobbies, or simply pain-free living.  Our designs aim to empower patients to overcome physical limitations while reducing healing time when possible. Our products allow an open ground for the therapists to excel at guiding and encouraging patients to make lifestyle changes that enhance overall health and well-being now and into the future. And a list of our products is exclusively designed to help children facing both temporary limitations and disabling conditions reach their full potential for growth and success during each phase of development.


Conditions treated by GPC Medical Rehabilitation Products:

  • Arthritis can be effectively treated by our specialized back extension designs.
  • Back and neck pain are treated by inhibiting the wrong movements with our aids and allowing the stretches that improve the painful condition.
  • GPC Medical Rehabilitation products are popular for treating Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Congenital conditions are addressed effectively with the range of products in our catalog.
  • Degenerative joint diseases are tackled by a variety of our products suitable for each individual case.
  • Foot and ankle pain and sprains are treated with the help of our effective aids.
  • GPC Medical products can be used in cases of Hip, wrist, elbow, pelvis and other fractures.
  • Products are designed to complement knee function in cases of Knee sprains, strains, and other injuries.
  • GPC is a viable solution for a number of other orthopedic conditions, such as Osteoporosis, Rotator cuff injuries, Sciatica, Sports injuries, Tendonitis, Total joint replacements, Traumatic injury, Whiplash, and Work-related injuries.


Advanced Orthopedic Care with GPC Medical

GPC Medical products are effective for people under rehabilitation and as an inpatient. They are treated with a multi-disciplinary approach in our sophisticated products to help them maximize the return of function, perform daily activities, and return to work, school and leisure pursuits.  Patients will learn the foundational skills with the help of our products for independent living by assuming greater responsibility to direct and perform their own care. 

GPC Medical Rehabilitation Products will help with:
  • Progressive mobilization; restoration of function; improving strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Interdisciplinary pain management
  • Pre- and post-surgical care
  • Bracing and orthotics
  • Effective treatment and continued of care
  • Injury prevention
  • Safe discharge
  • Adaptive sports and recreational activities


Why GPC Medical Rehabilitation products?

GPC Medical is not only a leading Manufacturer and international Exporter of orthopedic rehabilitation products, fracture aids, and orthopedic soft-goods, it is also at par with international quality standards for the manufacturing of rehabilitation supports, braces, and orthopedic splints. Backed by a core team of professional and processed with state of the art technology, plant, and equipment, our range of orthopedic supports and splints adhere to high-quality standards right from raw material procurement to the packaging stage.

Being a reputed global supplier and manufacturer of orthopedic appliances in the healthcare industry brings with it an added responsibility on GPC Medical Limited to deliver innovative and quality rehabilitation aids day after day using the latest in technology without compromising on end-user satisfaction. GPC Medical Rehabilitation products will not only help you with your impairments and functional limitations which impact your daily activities, it will also enable you to use objective measurements to track your improvements, routinely reassessing and modifying the care plan so that you receive the most appropriate treatment to achieve your goals.