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Finger Splints to Protect Your Finger

Fingers are one of the most dexterous parts of the human body. Our fingers are constantly working, even as these words are being typed. A small injury to any of the fingers or the thumb can make you very uncomfortable. Therefore, wearing the right splint will help the finger heal faster and lessen your pain. GPC Medical a pioneering rehabilitation aid manufacturing company offers the best of the finger splints at the most reasonable pricing.

Types of Finger Splints

Frog Splint

A frog splint is a light weight, high cushioned, sleek and simple brace that helps the injured finger by providing it the right alignment of the inter- phalangeal joints. This support helps the finger to maintain is optimal functions. 
An injured finger requires to be immobilized so that it can recover quickly. A frog splint helps the finger to be immobilized ensuring that the other fingers movements are not restricted. It is also extra malleable so that it can be shaped for a good grip.
Other than immobilizing the finger, we are also conscious about the comfort being given to the patient while wearing it. It is easy to wear, well ventilated, easy to clean, leaves no bad odour, has enough breathing room and is hypo allergic. All these features ensure that the patient does not feel any kind of uneasiness while wearing the frog splint. 

Mallet Finger Splint

A Mallet finger splint is required when the tendon in outermost joint of a finger is ripped. We can also say when the tip of the finger gets injured due to sports injury, or jammed your finger in the door.  This splint is designed in such a way that it supports the dip joint in hyper extension, while the movement of the PIP joint does not get restricted.
The splint that we make at GPC Medical ensures that the patient suffers no discomfort of any kind while wearing it. It is coated with an aluminum body which can be bent and is customized. It is designed in the most practical way to immobilize only the hyper extension of DIP joint. The inbuilt hook loop fasteners help to easily wear and remove it while giving it an excellent grip.

Finger Extension Splint

This kind of splint is usually required after a surgery, injury, trauma, or disease. The comfortable and adjustable finger extension and flexion splints apply a low-load, prolonged duration stretch (LLPS) across the joint using a tensioning system. This is helpful in achieving the required changes in the connective tissue for positive results. Wearing of the Finger Extension splint helps the finger to heal much faster.
We make finger splints that are convenient to wear by just inserting the finger. They are snugly fit and do not require any taping.
They are used for repairing Fracture and dislocations, Tendons and ligament repairs, Burns, Arterial and venous microsurgical repairs.  They also help in Boutonniere deformity and Dupuytren’s contracture. 

Thumb Spica Splint

It is a very comfortable and convenient device that keeps the thumb in a stiff position without disturbing the finger movements.  Thumb injuries like gamekeeper’s thumb, osteoarthritis, thumb sprains, post operative use, and post-removal of casting the hand thumb.
A spica splint has cushioned fabric on top for the comfort of the person wearing it and metal enclosed in the fabric that is pliable and can be molded as per the size and shape of the hand. The metal within also provides strength to the brace and supports the thumb and wrist.
GPC Medical Limited manufactures all the finger splints with preciseness and using the best foam and metal. They are all designed to customize the comfort of the patient and have enough room to let the air pass without giving away the snugness required to hold the finger.  They also have a sleek look with a skin matching pleasing colour that can be easily cleaned.

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

What Buyers Say about GPC Medical – India’s Largest Medical Equipment Company
GPC Medical Limited at MEDICA 2014
GPC Medical Limited is a New Delhi based, manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of medical products and hospital supplies. Their goods have a world-wide presence. Their constant endeavour to keep growing and maintaining their superior quality makes them one of the best manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment in India. Their ability to manufacture all kinds of products under one roof gives them the unique advantage of staying ahead of others. 
Using the medical products manufactured by GPC medical Limited has helped me satisfy my customers by and large in every way. The availability of all kinds of medical products required under one umbrella has helped us save on a lot of time and effort. Their keen desire to grow and satisfy their customers has propelled me to come back again and again to GPC Medical Limited.Ryan M, Procurement Manager, United Kingdom.
My association with GPC Medical has been for a no of years. The products I have used till date are of superior quality and long term durability. My complete satisfaction with their products propells me to further recommend it to other users. - M. Uchechukwu, Nigeria. 
GPC Medical manufactures a wide range of products that are very good in quality. It is very convienient for my hospital to get everything under one stop and at a very reasonable price. - Wasim Ahmed, Head of Purchase Department, Saudi Arabia.

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GPC Medical - Best Medical Supplies Company in India

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Well Illuminated Lights for Operation Theatre

The operation theatre is one of the most critical and important room in any hospital. It is a place where the surgeon plays the role of a God in fighting for the life and death of a 
Twin Dome Surgical Operating Light
Surgical Operating Light (Twin Dome)
patient. Every aspect of the operation theatre is sacred and needs extra focus on all its accessories and requirements. The operation light is one of the very important parts of an operation theatre.

Points to Consider When Choosing lights for the Operation Theatre

  • Good visibility and homogeneous illumination at the site of the operation area are key elements to be considered when buying the operation theatre lights.
  • The distribution of the emitted light should be uniform, preferably using LED lights that have its own convergent lens.
  • The light being used should have auto focus so that manual adjustment is avoided and focus can be attained by a simple convenient adjustment.  
  • Lights being used for the operation theatre should be illuminated across the room with the same intensity avoiding the variable contrast lighting and distractions. The traditional operating theatre lights often create a high light intensity by focussing into the middle of the beam creating a high contrast very bright centre and created a relatively dim light in comparison for the rest of the room.
  • Lights that are being used for operation theatre should have shadow free illumination. Shadows often get created by the surgeon, the surgical team movement, by the equipment or the depth of the wound. These shadows should be avoided by lights that ensure the relation between light body and light field diameter to give the perfect illumination of the OT field in terms of area and depth. The reflectors in the light should be designed to form a number of light beams to overcome and take away the shadow.
  • It is essential to see that the light being purchased for the operation theatre should have a pure white colour to be able to have complete clarity of the colours of the body organ being operated. Any kind of colour hues like blue should be avoided.
  • The lights should be easy to clean and decontaminate.
  • There should be proper instructions as to how to handle the light head in case of failure.
  • It is important in all types of surgical theatres to consider surgical lights that have drift-free technology. This prevents the natural movement of the light that can occur with the movement of the room.

Twin Dome Operation Theater Light
Operation Theater Light  (Twin Dome)

Why Consider Choosing GPC Medical Limited for Buying the OT lights?

  • GPC Medical Limited takes into accounts all the above mentioned factors when manufacturing their operation theatre lights.
  • We keep abreast with the latest technologies and make changes as required.
  • We are the best in our field of medical products.
  • We give our customers the best after sales service.
  • Our prices will give you a reason to smile with no compromise on quality.

Shadowless Lights

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hospital Clothing & Apparel

Lab Coats
Lab Coats
GPC Medical Limited is a one stop shop for all your medical needs. Hospital garments that include a wide range of clothing to be worn in the hospital are supplied by GPC Medical. At GPC Medical we try and cater to all your medical supply needs which also include the clothing to be worn by the hospital staff, patients, and other miscellaneous needs related to garments.

What are Hospital Garments?

Hospital Garments include anything that is required in a hospital in the name of clothing. It includes bed sheets, towels, aprons, patient suits, towels, face masks, pillow covers, shoe covers, doctors coats/ jackets, gowns of all types, disposable caps, surgical scrubs, hospital linens, hospital bracelets/wristbands etc.

Hospital Gowns
Hospital Gowns

What essentialities Good Hospital Garments Should Have?

  • They should be made of superior quality fabric
  • Should be stain resistance
  • Have comfortable fitting
  • They should be easy to maintain
  • Superior finishing
  • Sober design
  • Customized cuts as per the need of the person wearing it
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Should have features like wide pockets and open cuts for comfortable movements
  • Some garments need to be worn only once hence disposable garments should be made for one time wear
  • Soothing and smart in colour
  • Light in weight
  • Universal in size and patterns to meet the diverse requirements and specifications
  • Skin friendly and preferably cotton based

Surgical Cap
Surgical Cap

Why GPC Medical Limited is the Best Company to Buy Your Hospital Clothing?

GPC Medical tries to fulfil all the parameters required in the hospital garments as mentioned above. They go for the finest cotton or polyester fabric as per the requirement and give comfortable clothing both to the patient and the hospital staff. They constantly work towards giving you garments that are easy for washing and stain resistant. The fabric is carefully selected to see that it is soft on the body but still durable and long lasting.

Price wise also, we do not intend to burden our clients with unreasonable pricing.

We try and give to you all your hospital needs at one stop. 

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

GPC Medical at the FIME Show, Miami, Florida (6th to 8th August 2014). Some Glances...

GPC Medical Limited is showcasing its Hospital & Medical Products range at the FIME Show being held in Miami, Florida right now. We are getting a tremendous positive response from the various potential buyers of medical products. The footfall on our stall is amazingly encouraging accompanied by the appreciation from the clients. The overall atmosphere at FIME is festival like with the best medical products exposure.

Here, we are posting some of the pictures of our stall no. 643 to share this exhilarating experience that we are presently experiencing at the FIME Show 2014.

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The Importance of Sterilizers/Autoclaves
An autoclave or a sterilizer is a pressurized device that is used to sterilize objects and kill all kinds of living bacteria including fungi, viruses, spore forms, and transmissible agents that can spread and contaminate liquids and objects in use. It is used for sterilizing medical, beautician and other equipment such as tattooing and piercing objects.  It kills bacteria by applying extreme heat and steam to anything placed within the autoclave chamber after it has been cleared of all the air present in it.

How Does an Autoclave Work?

An autoclave is a device that comes in various sizes according to the need of the equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 degree C for a specific time depending upon the size and load of the contents put in the autoclaves. An effective autoclave or sterilizer must contain dry saturated steam. The air first has to be removed and then the turbulent steam passes through the vent forcing any trapped air out of the enclave.  There are different ways the steam is produced to give the required boiling temperature in the autoclaves for it to be able to sterilize the contents in it.

Different Types of Autoclaves

There are several kinds of autoclaves. The simplest type of an autoclave looks like a pressure cooker. Since, the basic formulae of an autoclave are to provide high pressure above boiling point to kill the bacteria as it attains high temperature; it is designed like a pressure cooker. It is a large pot with a gauge on top and is fitted with bolts that fasten the top to the pot. These are often used in college or science labs or beauty parlours.
In places like hospitals and big nursing homes the autoclaves used are much larger in size as the demand to sterilize equipment is much higher.
Vertical High Pressure Autoclave
There are Negative Pressure Displacement Autoclave and Positive Pressure Displacement Autoclave. Although, the basic function of both the autoclaves is the same, negative autoclaves works by removing all the air from the main chamber with a vacuum pump whereas the positive pressure autoclave does not remove the air via vacuum pump first but by building up enough steam in the chamber and then displacing it.

There are also the Multi-vacuum autoclaves and Downward Displacement Autoclaves.

Why are Autoclaves Necessary in Hospitals and Laboratories?

Hospitals and big nursing homes cannot work without having professional autoclaves. There is a continuous demand to sterilization instruments of all types in the hospitals.  Some of the instruments that come from the emergency room, patient room, operating room need to be sterilized every day.

GPC Medical Limited provides the latest and most sophisticated autoclaves/sterilizers in the market with the guarantee of the safest sterilizing of the instruments.  

Autoclave Sterilizer

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