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Hospital furnitures designed perfectly by GPC Medical Ltd.

Just like a well-furnished house, a hospital is incomplete without the right furniture. In a well-equipped hospital utmost care is taken to give the maximum safety and comfort to the patient.

While choosing the right furniture a good hospital is not only conscious of sleek designs that occupy less space and give maximum utility but also of latest innovative designs that enhance the usage of the furniture.
The patient’s comfort and safety is always the prime concern while choosing the right furniture for the rooms. While in an operation theatre room, the doctor’s priorities and requirements are kept in mind to give them the right ambience and to be perfectly equipped while performing the surgery. Hence, for every space of the hospital the furniture should be customized and priorities kept in mind.
Hospital furnitures should be of very high quality as the patient is there in the hospital to recover and is also vulnerable to injuries as he or she is not in the best of health while admitted in the hospital.
There is an endless variety to the kind of equipment needed in the hospital. For every move of the patient as soon as she or he walks into the premises of the hospital a customized furniture is required for easy and comfortable maneuverings and the movement of the patient.

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are adjustable beds that can move the patient as per the requirement. They also include electrical and mechanical ICU beds, fowler beds, semi-fowler beds, standard hospital beds, and orthopedic beds.  There is also accessory required with the bed that includes bed-sheets, mattresses, pillow cases etc.


Bedside Tables

A bedside table can be of multiple uses to the patient for keeping medicines, for eating food, keeping books and any other miscellaneous stuff being used by the patient.
The other varieties of tables are operating tables and pediatric tables. The height, the shape and the material being used have to be considered with the best interest of the patient.

Hospital chair and Stool

A Hospital chair like all other furniture of the hospital is customized as per the need of the patient and the doctor. The wheel chair is one of the most omnipresent furniture of the hospital. There are also the specialized chairs like lift chair, gynecological chair, dental chair, portable, stationary, adjustable and multiple types of chairs. They consist of a seat, arms rest, legs and a back. The stools too are adjusted according to the height and have storage space.


Bedside Lockers

A well-equipped hospital has to keep in mind all the requirements of a patient while they are in the hospital. Therefore, to keep their valuables, money, reports, clothes etc a locker with keys comes in handy.

Bedside Lockers

Patient Transport System

A hospital has to be very well equipped with the furniture that moves the patient around. From stretchers to patient trolleys, carrying cots, evacuation chairs and scoop stretchers etc. Because the patient himself/herself is so largely dependent on these furniture’s for their movement it has to be perfectly manufactured.


Hospital Stands

Different types of stands are there in a hospital like IV Stands, wash basin stands, Kick bucket stands, saline stands etc that are needed for multiple uses in the hospital.

Baby furniture

An infant or a baby needs various varieties of furniture like the cradles, crib, bath tubes etc.
The list of furniture required in the hospital goes on increasing as they become multi-specialized. However, a hospital needs to be very wary while selecting the company that provides the furniture to the hospital.


The manufacturer should be well reputed, should be able to provide most of the requirements at one stop, should be certified, has a record of satisfied customers, is holistic in approach, designs the latest improvised sleek furniture and gives the best deal for their money. GPC medical Limited stand out and are the best manufacturer in India for hospital furniture. They are also exporting hospital furniture to a lot of countries which speaks about their outstanding presence in this field. Since, it is all about precious lives, the best manufacturers should be considered.  

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