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The Importance of Sterilizers/Autoclaves
An autoclave or a sterilizer is a pressurized device that is used to sterilize objects and kill all kinds of living bacteria including fungi, viruses, spore forms, and transmissible agents that can spread and contaminate liquids and objects in use. It is used for sterilizing medical, beautician and other equipment such as tattooing and piercing objects.  It kills bacteria by applying extreme heat and steam to anything placed within the autoclave chamber after it has been cleared of all the air present in it.

How Does an Autoclave Work?

An autoclave is a device that comes in various sizes according to the need of the equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 degree C for a specific time depending upon the size and load of the contents put in the autoclaves. An effective autoclave or sterilizer must contain dry saturated steam. The air first has to be removed and then the turbulent steam passes through the vent forcing any trapped air out of the enclave.  There are different ways the steam is produced to give the required boiling temperature in the autoclaves for it to be able to sterilize the contents in it.

Different Types of Autoclaves

There are several kinds of autoclaves. The simplest type of an autoclave looks like a pressure cooker. Since, the basic formulae of an autoclave are to provide high pressure above boiling point to kill the bacteria as it attains high temperature; it is designed like a pressure cooker. It is a large pot with a gauge on top and is fitted with bolts that fasten the top to the pot. These are often used in college or science labs or beauty parlours.
In places like hospitals and big nursing homes the autoclaves used are much larger in size as the demand to sterilize equipment is much higher.
Vertical High Pressure Autoclave
There are Negative Pressure Displacement Autoclave and Positive Pressure Displacement Autoclave. Although, the basic function of both the autoclaves is the same, negative autoclaves works by removing all the air from the main chamber with a vacuum pump whereas the positive pressure autoclave does not remove the air via vacuum pump first but by building up enough steam in the chamber and then displacing it.

There are also the Multi-vacuum autoclaves and Downward Displacement Autoclaves.

Why are Autoclaves Necessary in Hospitals and Laboratories?

Hospitals and big nursing homes cannot work without having professional autoclaves. There is a continuous demand to sterilization instruments of all types in the hospitals.  Some of the instruments that come from the emergency room, patient room, operating room need to be sterilized every day.

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Autoclave Sterilizer

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