Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hospital Clothing & Apparel

Lab Coats
Lab Coats
GPC Medical Limited is a one stop shop for all your medical needs. Hospital garments that include a wide range of clothing to be worn in the hospital are supplied by GPC Medical. At GPC Medical we try and cater to all your medical supply needs which also include the clothing to be worn by the hospital staff, patients, and other miscellaneous needs related to garments.

What are Hospital Garments?

Hospital Garments include anything that is required in a hospital in the name of clothing. It includes bed sheets, towels, aprons, patient suits, towels, face masks, pillow covers, shoe covers, doctors coats/ jackets, gowns of all types, disposable caps, surgical scrubs, hospital linens, hospital bracelets/wristbands etc.

Hospital Gowns
Hospital Gowns

What essentialities Good Hospital Garments Should Have?

  • They should be made of superior quality fabric
  • Should be stain resistance
  • Have comfortable fitting
  • They should be easy to maintain
  • Superior finishing
  • Sober design
  • Customized cuts as per the need of the person wearing it
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Should have features like wide pockets and open cuts for comfortable movements
  • Some garments need to be worn only once hence disposable garments should be made for one time wear
  • Soothing and smart in colour
  • Light in weight
  • Universal in size and patterns to meet the diverse requirements and specifications
  • Skin friendly and preferably cotton based

Surgical Cap
Surgical Cap

Why GPC Medical Limited is the Best Company to Buy Your Hospital Clothing?

GPC Medical tries to fulfil all the parameters required in the hospital garments as mentioned above. They go for the finest cotton or polyester fabric as per the requirement and give comfortable clothing both to the patient and the hospital staff. They constantly work towards giving you garments that are easy for washing and stain resistant. The fabric is carefully selected to see that it is soft on the body but still durable and long lasting.

Price wise also, we do not intend to burden our clients with unreasonable pricing.

We try and give to you all your hospital needs at one stop. 

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