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Well Illuminated Lights for Operation Theatre

The operation theatre is one of the most critical and important room in any hospital. It is a place where the surgeon plays the role of a God in fighting for the life and death of a 
Twin Dome Surgical Operating Light
Surgical Operating Light (Twin Dome)
patient. Every aspect of the operation theatre is sacred and needs extra focus on all its accessories and requirements. The operation light is one of the very important parts of an operation theatre.

Points to Consider When Choosing lights for the Operation Theatre

  • Good visibility and homogeneous illumination at the site of the operation area are key elements to be considered when buying the operation theatre lights.
  • The distribution of the emitted light should be uniform, preferably using LED lights that have its own convergent lens.
  • The light being used should have auto focus so that manual adjustment is avoided and focus can be attained by a simple convenient adjustment.  
  • Lights being used for the operation theatre should be illuminated across the room with the same intensity avoiding the variable contrast lighting and distractions. The traditional operating theatre lights often create a high light intensity by focussing into the middle of the beam creating a high contrast very bright centre and created a relatively dim light in comparison for the rest of the room.
  • Lights that are being used for operation theatre should have shadow free illumination. Shadows often get created by the surgeon, the surgical team movement, by the equipment or the depth of the wound. These shadows should be avoided by lights that ensure the relation between light body and light field diameter to give the perfect illumination of the OT field in terms of area and depth. The reflectors in the light should be designed to form a number of light beams to overcome and take away the shadow.
  • It is essential to see that the light being purchased for the operation theatre should have a pure white colour to be able to have complete clarity of the colours of the body organ being operated. Any kind of colour hues like blue should be avoided.
  • The lights should be easy to clean and decontaminate.
  • There should be proper instructions as to how to handle the light head in case of failure.
  • It is important in all types of surgical theatres to consider surgical lights that have drift-free technology. This prevents the natural movement of the light that can occur with the movement of the room.

Twin Dome Operation Theater Light
Operation Theater Light  (Twin Dome)

Why Consider Choosing GPC Medical Limited for Buying the OT lights?

  • GPC Medical Limited takes into accounts all the above mentioned factors when manufacturing their operation theatre lights.
  • We keep abreast with the latest technologies and make changes as required.
  • We are the best in our field of medical products.
  • We give our customers the best after sales service.
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