Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to Purchase Medical Equipment?

The demand and supply of medical equipment is growing exponentially by the day. Medical equipment plays a crucial role for medical professionals and patients. These medical equipment's can play a pivotal role in keeping a check over most of the generalized health parameters. They can play be a very centralized role in increasing the longevity of your life and be preventive in guarding you from some long term illness. The key elements of purchasing medical equipment are approximately the same whether you are buying them for home or for your clinic. Home-use medical equipment helps to improve individual medical condition and retain the quality of life while living at home.

While considering about buying medical equipment you need to follow some instructions:

  • The process of purchase usually starts with a demand or requirement. A requisition is generated by the medical professional or medical authority. There are different medical professional expertise including Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physical and Occupational Therapist who assist individuals in determining which medical equipment is necessary.
  • Determine whether you want equipment for a short period or for a long time. If you needed home-use equipment for a short period, it is beneficial to take equipment like walker or wheel chair on rent. Purchasing equipment is cheaper for long term use. 
  • Determine the size of the equipment according to the size of room or where you are going to place the equipment.
  • Before purchasing the product you should ask for guarantee and do not forget to collect guarantee card.
  • It is beneficial to know the vendor’s policy for replacing malfunctioning equipment. It is important to review the policies for the replacement of defective piece because even the high quality medical equipment can stop working.


After knowing the requirement of equipment’s there are two ways to purchase medical equipment:

Traditional method-purchase equipment from medical supply store:

There are so many reputable medical supply companies; you have to visit three or four medical supply store to check the price and quality of the product. Take the list of needed items, along with the space and budget requirements.
Steps for purchasing medical equipment from medical store:
  1. Requisition received from the national health services purchasing department or by health professionals.
  2. Source suppliers: information have to be collected about suppliers.
  3. Tender process: to know about the tender process whether it is required or not.
  4. Purchase approved for the required equipment.
  5. Purchase order sent to supplier.
  6. Expediting is must for quick supply of equipment at the time of demand.
  7. Delivery of equipment’s.
  8. Supplier invoice.

Modern method-purchase medical equipment online:

Online shopping is modern method of purchasing any anything or medical equipment. While exploring on internet you should check whether the medical equipment vendor is licensed and accredited. You should also verify that the vendor has a reputation for providing quality service. 

Steps of purchasing medical equipment online:
  1. Electronic requisition system through popular sites like eBay and snap deal (ERP).
  2. Requisition auto initiated by ERP.
  3. Supplier selected from approved list.
  4. Required order sent electronically.
  5. Supplier acknowledges and provides update delivery for cast data electronically with the help of which buyer can check the status of their product.
  6. Delivery- Electronic proof of dispatch sent by supplier.
  7. Payment via electronic invoice eg. Debit card and credit card.
    For purchasing medical equipment you have to critically evaluate provider’s reputation, legitimacy, equipment policies and customer service. Need of durable medical equipment’s is increasing day by day. You have to find a professional medical equipment installation company that can do it for you to guarantee that equipment is installed properly. Many options are available in selecting a medical equipment provider, so carefully compare the products and then purchase.

    GPC Medical Limited is a reputed medical company that honestly sells its products as per the need of the patient. Their products have long term durability and are trusted by all its users. Be very careful in buying any type of medical equipment as they are life saving devices.

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