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9 Types of Medical Supply

Medical supplies play an important role in medicals or health care department, without these supplies or equipment we do not imagine health care centre.  Researchers of various companies invent various kinds of supplies or equipment accordance with the comfort level of patients which help them to recover from their ailment as soon as possible. We found these medical supplies almost everywhere at homes, in transports in the form of first-aid. Medical supplies are on demand at vast scale in everyday life. 

Here are nine types of medical supply we are discussing below:

1. Medical supplies for surgical cases:

Various items used during different surgeries such as needle, gloves, gowns, drape, and scissors come in this category.  Disposable items and equipment which are made of stainless steel can also be counted under same category. Staff members wear protective gear such as surgical caps, hoods, eye protection and surgical masks to prevent themselves from acquiring an infection during a surgical procedure which is necessary. There are pre-packaged kits for minor procedures that are set up for specific procedures which reduce the preparation work that your staffs needs to fulfil.  

Medical Surgcial Disposables

2. Medical supplies to enhance your mobility or durable medical equipment:

Mobility medical equipment or supplies are affordable quality solution for the person who needs home healthcare. Lift chairs, wheelchairs, walker, mobility scooter, bath products and bed comes in mobility medical supplies. With the help of these medical supplies you are able to go wherever you want to go in other words these equipment give you the confidence and assist you in the time of need.

3. Medical supplies for hospitalised patients:

Hospital beds, stretchers and hospital room furniture are essential part of any hospital or healthcare centre. Incubator is a piece of equipment in hospital which new babies are placed in when they are week or born too early, in order to help them survive. Mobility solution, support surface therapies, bed monitoring and connected hospital technologies set new standards for successful patient care.

4. Medical supplies for people with special need:

Medical supplies which help people of special need to live their life easily come in this category. Digital talking alarm clock helps the people suffer from poor vision, or blindness by announcing the time for them. In the same way eating aids, drinking aids, aids for gripping and dressing aids for the feet and leg helps physically challenged persons to deal easily with their life.

5. Diagnostic medical supplies:

Diagnostic medical supplies are those with the help of which healthcare professionals diagnose the disease and then prescribe a treatment plan. ECG machine, stethoscope, thermometers, ophthalmoscopes, digital finger blood pressure monitors comes in the category of diagnostic medical supplies. These medical supplies can be easily found in every department of health care centres.

6. Electronic medical supplies:

Radiography x-ray equipment, surgical lights, MRI machines, heart rate monitor, breathing rate monitor, blood pressure monitor and ultra sound are the important examples of electronic medical supplies which medical professionals use while treating the patient. Some other electronic devices with software are also helpful for the better management of the healthcare centres. These are medical informatics such as electronic medical records, Medical billing software and scheduling software.

7. Acute care medical  supplies:

These supplies such as CAUTI prevention kit helps to reduce infection rate. It improves staff, patient and family satisfaction. Reducing HAI (hospital acquired infection) is a big deal and medical supply manufacturers have developed ever more powerful cleaning agents which prevent you from infections.

8. Home health care medical supplies:

Home health care supplies sometimes also known as ‘self-care’ medical supplies is useful in everyday life of patients, these supplies are hearing aids, canes, walkers, crutches and wheelchairs. These supplies help people to live their life in better way during their disability.

9. Flexible healthcare storage and transport options for medical supplies:

Storage and transportation of various medical supplies is as important as any other task of patient care in healthcare centres. There are many types of transport carts used for the storage purpose of medical supplies. Cast cart, anaesthesia cart, isolation cart, crash cart and many more carts found virtually in every department of hospital. These carts are also called procedure and supply cart because they store and transport the supplies that doctors and nurses need to provide care to a patient.

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